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COMING HOME by Rebecca Barber

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Running away was Zoe Sinclair’s answer to her problems…

Zoe has missed too much since she fled home ten years ago. Now it is
finally time to go back. And with her friend’s birthday party days
away, it is the perfect opportunity. On her way into town, her car
breaks down, and then she’s attacked and left for dead among the dirt
and dust on the roadside.

Spencer McLaren never left home, but his heart did. In the same moment Zoe fled…

Spencer had always been in Zoe’s life. Every time she’d needed him,
he’d been there, arms open wide. When he spots a broken and battered
Zoe stumbling along the side of the road, he can’t help but swoop in
and rescue her. He rushes her to the hospital, but when she’s
released, he can’t seem to let her go. Not again.

Physically, Zoe feels fine. Emotionally, her head and her heart are a disaster…

Spencer takes Zoe into his home and assigns himself the task of
guardian and nurse. But her return puts strain on Spencer’s
relationship with his brother, who isn’t happy to see Spencer falling
for the girl who broke his heart again. Zoe knows she should leave,
but her attacker is still out there, and being with Spencer is the
only place she feels safe. She wants to make up for the pain she
caused him in the past, but the attack has left her so broken and

Despite Zoe’s hesitations and constant battle to keep her emotions in
check, Spencer is determined to keep her safe and make her never
regret finally…

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