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“I devoured this book. Sunniva Dee sure knows how to write an unapologetic bad boy!” ✩✩✩✩✩ – LJ Shen, USA Today Bestselling author of MidnightBlue

The gig was simple enough.
I was to take over as the merch girl for Swedish rock god, Emil Vinter.
He was gorgeous, magnetic, sexy.
Worshiped by the masses for his sick talent.

Me, I’m just Aishe, a Gypsy girl with a flair for dark love.
I felt safe; no way Emil’s sunny, extroverted disposition could feed my fixation.

But under the surface, lurked a self-destructive artist. An unhealthy obsession with Russian roulette. A seductive lack of compassion. A love so all-consuming it surpassed my wildest imagination.

Emil Vinter became my sinkhole. By the end of the world tour, his larger-than-life presence was swallowing me whole.

Standalone book in the Rock Gods Collection, #2

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