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Chaos Falls (Chaos Rises #3)Chaos Falls by Pippa DaCosta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars

After reading the Veil series, I didn’t think there could be another demon that could challenge my love for Akil. Then I met Li’el, Prince of Pride.

Awesome was surely too small a word for me. Magnificent, glorious, resplendent—those were adjectives I could get behind.

Li’el loves LA and the people there. Glorying in their attention and adoration—he is the Prince of Pride after all—he’s become protective of them as if they were his own. So when humans start dying in suspicious attacks surrounding Li’el’s business, he attempts to find out what is happening.

Until he falls under law enforcement’s watchful gaze.

Leary of demons since the last fall of the Veil, prejudice for his kind is rife. With Li’el’s power dwindling and enemies mounting, he worries about what is to come and how long he will be able to protect what is his.

I started this book late at night thinking, “Oh, I’ll just read a little bit before bed.” Next thing I know, it’s 3 AM and I couldn’t care less that I had to get up in a few hours. I wanted to keep reading.

The author gives a pitch-perfect voice to Li’el as Pride; even as he evolves, he never once drops his swagger. His ego and bravado became an endearing quality that had me chuckling in affection.

With a quick pace, this plot packs a wallop of action and emotion and brings back a cast of characters that I adored from previous Veil and Chaos Rises series books. It’s a touch of the Infinity Wars gone demon that had me glued to my Kindle.

While the resolution was a satisfying one, it left open several possibilities for new books or spin-offs and that makes me SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY! I’ll cross my fingers for new books on both sides of the Veil (One for Gem and one for Akil.). Hey, a girl can dream.

PS. You HAVE to read the acknowledgments. 5 stars for Li’el’s takeover.

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