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Meet Nixon & Marcella in BUYER BEWARE by Colleen Charles! Be prepared to fall hard—this first book in the sexy Caldwell Brothers series will pull you in from page one. With explosive chemistry, unexpected twists throughout, and the perfect blend of heat and humor, Buyer Beware is unputdownable. One-click your copy right away for only 99¢!

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About Buyer Beware:

I know all about his type.

Rich. Check.

Powerful. Check. Check.

Nixon Caldwell’s hot as hell and just as entitled. He lives in a swank Vegas penthouse on top of his equally posh boutique casino. I’ve lived in a dilapidated seventies trailer far too long to have patience for billionaire playboys that think they can have everything they want, whenever they want it. He stands for everything I’m against. Which is why my obsession with him makes zero sense. Nothing about him is attractive to me.


Except the kindness lurking underneath the Armani clad outer shell. There’s a mystery there that I yearn to explore. So when he offers to help me and my gamble-a-holic brother rise from the ashes of our meager existence, I grasp the brass ring with both hands. It doesn’t take long to realize he’s only doing it so he can control me. He wants to own me, just like every other rich bastard inside this glittery town that consumes a person’s soul right along with their cash.

Nixon Caldwell needs to be taught a lesson. I’m not the kind of girl he can buy and sell. But his newfound tenderness and vulnerability pull at my heart strings until my solid walls come tumbling down and I let him in. My Cinderella story unfolds right before my eyes. And I’m happy.

The happiest I’ve ever been since my parents died in a horrific car accident.

Until a vicious sociopath and a haunting secret from the past threaten to destroy every single thing I’ve just sold my soul to possess.